About Us

About Us

We are Al-Genome Group, specializing in medical, scientific, and laboratory supplies. We operate under the trade name CgenomiX®(ALGenome Medical Company), with our headquarters based in Amman, Jordan, and our establishment dating back to 2009.
Building on our achievements in Jordan, we embarked on an expansion journey into the UAE. In 2013, we founded Al-Genome International Scientific and Laboratory Products FZC, situated within the RAK-UAE Technology Park. Further strengthening our presence, we established Al-Genome International Scientific and Laboratory Products LLC in Industrial Area 15 on Muleih Road, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in 2016. 

Company Mission

Our mission is clear - to deliver innovative, high-quality products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our valued clients in terms of both performance and cost benefits.

Cgenomix/AGI specialized sales team

* Highly skilled field force with advanced communication and sales abilities.
* In-depth product knowledge and thorough scientific training.
* A well-established and extensive database of target audiences and customers.

Experienced Field Force Team

Cgenomix/AGI experienced team is working fiercely with unlimited enthusiasm to attain a respectable level in the market share, which will reflect positively on our clients and suppliers.
Cgenomix/AGI has professional team members are distinguished from other companies: Marketing experience, competency, qualifications and scientific background depend on high education.

Work activities and filed

Cgenomix/AGI, stands out as a leading supplier in the life sciences and diagnostics sectors, specializing in cutting-edge, high-quality products sourced from top biotechnology companies in the Middle East.

Cgenomix/AGI, renowned for excellence, is recognized as one of the premier suppliers in the region, catering to diverse fields such as human sciences, animal sciences, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, environment, forensics, and research laboratories in addition to universities.

Cgenomix/AGI: The foundation of success lies in a seasoned and proficient team with extensive experience, fostering strong connections with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) clients. This team is poised to elevate business and partnerships to new heights.

Cgenomix/AGI: With a keen understanding of both local and regional markets, Cgenomix/AGI collaborates effectively with customers and suppliers, fostering genuine business partnerships. This broad market awareness and strategic vision empower the company to navigate and thrive in diverse sectors.

Cgenomix/AGI, as part of its commitment to innovation, takes pride in unveiling the Middle East's inaugural real online shopping experience. Notably, this platform offers free shipping exclusively for the United Arab Emirates, specifically for laboratory equipment and reagents, providing a seamless and convenient solution for customers in the region.

Logistics and Stores

AGI has regional storage. It is special for the AGI portfolio, characterized by:
    1. Observing Good Storage Practices and Standards .
    2. Storage area as the main MENA hub.
    3. Near Sharjah International Airport and 20 minutes from DXB-Dubai.
    4. High standard of equipment with all the facilities needed to store all kinds of products..
    5. 5840 sq. ft. storage area.
    6. MOH-certified facility.
    * Spacious Warehouse Area.
    * Air conditioning systems such as RT, 2-8, -20, -70 C.

Company Vision

We aspire to be a reliable partner for all our customers, collaborating to attain shared success.

Al-Genome International is one of the best laboratory equipment suppliers in the UAE, providing a wide range of life-science and biotechnology products and services to meet the needs of hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, research laboratories, universities, and healthcare facilities in the GCC.