About Us

About Us

We are Mohammed Andi and his partner Company (Al-Genome Medical Company) for Medical and Laboratories Supplies, work under CgenomiX® trade mark, located in Amman-Jordan established in 2009.
After the success in jordan we plan to expand in UAE by open Al-Genome International scientific and laboratory products FZC based in RAK-UAE- technology park in 2013. Then we open another branch in Sharjah as Al-Genome International scientific and laboratory products LLC located in industrial area 15 -Muleih road in 2016

Company Mission

To provide our Valuable Clients with innovative and high quality products that satisfies their needs and achieve their cost-benefit expectations.

Work activities and filed

Cgenomix/AGI is a leading supplier in life Science & Diagnostic field, focusing in new and high quality products from the best companies in biotechnology sector.
Cgenomix/AGI is recognised as one of the best suppliers for human sciences, animal Sciences, agriculture, pharmaceutical, environment, forensics, research laboratories, and Universities across GCC.'
Cgenomix/AGI has started from a high level due to a solid and long term experienced team who also enjoys strong links with KOL clients and is prepared to take the business and partners to subsequent levels.
Cgenomix/AGI has a broad awareness and a sharp vision of the local market as well as the regional markets which enable to have truly partner with customers and suppliers to flourish a business partnership.

Experienced Field Force Team

Cgenomix/AGI experienced team is working fiercely with unlimited enthusiasms to attain a respectable level in the market share which will reflect positively on our clients and suppliers.
Cgenomix/AGI has professional team members are distinguished from other companies: Marketing Experience. Competency. Qualifications, Scientific Background depend on high Education:

Cgenomix specialized sales team

* Well trained field force, Advance communication and selling skills.
*Comprehensive products knowledge and scientific training.
* Established and concur data base of target audience and customers.

Logistics and Stores

Cgenomix have a regional storage, is special for AGIportfolio characterized of:
    1. Following the Good Storage Procedures and Standards.
    2. Storage Area as a main hub for the MENA area.
    3. Near to SHARJAH airport and 20 min from JAFZA-Dubai.
    4. High Standard of equipments with all Facilities need to store all kinds of products.
    5. 3200 sq. ft storage area .
    * Spacious Warehouse Area.
    * Air condition system such as RT,2-8, -20, -70 C etc...