About Us

About Us

We are Mohammed Andi and his partner Company (Al-Genome Medical Company) for Medical and Laboratories Supplies, work under CgenomiX® trade mark, located in Amman-Jordan established in 2009.
After the huge success in jordan we plan to expand in UAE by open Al-Genome International scientific and laboratory products FZC based ion RAK-UAE- technology park in 2013. Then we open another branch in Sharjah as Al-Genome International scientific and laboratory products LLC located in industrial area 15 -Muleih road in 2016

Company Mission

To provide our Valuable customers with innovative, high quality products and good prices by represent the best companies in the world.

Work activities and filed

Cgenomix/AGI is a leading supplier in life Science & Diagnostic field, focusing in new and high quality products from the best companies in biotechnology sector.
Cgenomix/AGI is recognised as one of the best suppliers for human sciences, animal Sciences, agriculture, pharmaceutical, environment, forensics, research laboratories, and Universities across GCC.'
Cgenomix/AGI has started from a high level due to a solid and long term experienced team who also enjoys strong links with KOL clients and is prepared to take the business and partners to subsequent levels.
Cgenomix/AGI has a broad awareness and a sharp vision of the local market as well as the regional markets which enable to have truly partner with customers and suppliers to flourish a business partnership.

Experienced Field Force Team

Cgenomix/AGI experienced team is working fiercely with unlimited enthusiasms to attain a respectable level in the market share which will reflect positively on our clients and suppliers.
Cgenomix/AGI has professional team members are distinguished from other companies: Marketing Experience. Competency. Qualifications, Scientific Background depend on high Education:

AGI specialized sales team

* Well trained field force, Advance communication and selling skills.
*Comprehensive products knowledge and scientific training.
* Established and concur data base of target audience and customers.

Logistics and Stores

AGI have a regional storage, is special for AGIportfolio characterized of:
    1. Following the Good Storage Procedures and Standards.
    2. Storage Area as a main hub for the MENA area.
    3. Near to SHARJAH airport and 20 min from JAFZA-Dubai.
    4. High Standard of equipments with all Facilities need to store all kinds of products.
    5. 3200 sq. ft storage area .
    * Spacious Warehouse Area.
    * Air condition system such as RT,2-8, -20, -70 C etc...